Vittle and Swig

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

CASTING an initial eye over the menu at the rather intriguingly named Vittle and Swig on Camden Road in Tunbridge Wells, it’s fair to say its dishes, which include Miso roasted squash, carpaccio venison lollipops and crispy lamb’s tongue, are not the typical culinary fare you’ll find on offer elsewhere.

The restaurant’s décor is equally unique, with its impressive hammered metal cocktail bar taking centre stage in a space where plenty of aesthetic attention to detail has been paid. Black button-back leather banquettes, zinc topped tables, glimmering mercurial candles, and lots of interesting contemporary artwork hung on the walls all help to create a pleasingly chic and relaxed atmosphere.


The quirkily branded Vittle and Swig definitely seems to be making a name for itself  from the restaurant’s rather unusual menu.

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