The Timber Batts Ale House & Forge with museum of Curiosities

Nr. Ashford, Kent

Are you fed up with the run of the mill chain pubs, with the standard decor and beer. If your answer is yes, then get yourselves over to the Timber Batts. A quirky pub that can only be described as a one off. They have a good selection of local beers and some unusual cocktails. The food is really good, and in the Summer they have the barbecue running in the garden (the jerk chicken is really good). They also play some really good ska and reggae music and a number of live bands also perform. It is a bit out of the way, but there are facilities for camping behind the pub in the garden. Finally if that wasn't enough there is blacksmiths forge where you can take courses. Give it a visit, you won't be disappointed.

TripAdvisor Reviews:

"One-of-a-kind establishment run and staffed by real characters. Decent beer and the food looked amazing (the cupcakes are a work of art!) but the decor is next level. Spend an hour here and you'll need another hour to double check the stuff on the walls/ceiling/floors and every available surface is really there. Real thought has gone into making a large space into a collection of intimate nooks: vintage arcade machines, unusual paraphernalia, weird taxidermy and comfy chairs next to an open fire! Good selection of mainstream beers and ciders (and top shelf) with more local, small batch beers also available. Plus, there's all the stuff outside too but you should go see that for yourself! Highly recommended!"

"We came here yesterday afternoon for some lunch and drinks and we just had the most fabulous time. Not only was the Rhubarb cider beautiful but the calamari, dirty chips and salad was gorgeous His "The Timber Batts" burger was great too. We were absolutely fascinated by the decor and retro theme too, 100% would recommend."

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