Red Panda Experience

Wingham, Kent

Get yourself or a loved one up close and personal with possibly the cutest animals on the planet!

You will have access inside the enclosure  at Wingham Wildlife Park for around 15 minutes where you will get unrivalled access to the Red Pandas! 


While in their enclosure you will help their keeper with the feeding, by offering them food after giving them a chance to settle down to you being with them, however they cannot guarantee that they will always take the food. 


You will also have the chance to help the keeper carry out the animals environmental enrichment routine by hiding some of their food around the enclosure to encourage them to forage for it if time permits.

This experience takes place at 10:30, with only one experience being possible per day so please do book in advance.

The price of this experience is £70 per person and gives you entry to the park along with 15 minutes of interaction with the Red Pandas.  The price includes the day entry for the person doing the experience only.

The park has hundreds of different birds and animals with loads to do for the whole family! A great day out.

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