Naughty Floss

Dreamland-Margate, Kent

Naughty Floss is a family run business which was born out of a passion to bring Candy Floss into the 21st Century.  They wanted to create a treat which could be enjoyed by all without the need to warn of any adverse reactions in children!


They create these amazing treats from "Gail", a 1962 vintage caravan candy floss lab, and are reinvented this magical confection into something Naughty, Not Nasty.


Naughty Floss is Hand Crafted using only 100% organic cane sugar, it's light and fluffy and melts in the mouth without any gritty texture or synthetic tastes, in fact a lot of our flavours are even crammed full of antioxidants, would you believe it?!


What's even more exciting is it comes in a range of Awesome All Natural Flavours Guaranteed to delight your inner child.


Where better to get Naughty than in Margate?   So pop along to see them soon at Dreamland; make some great memories and try the best candy floss ever!

They can also attend events on request, enquire through their website (above) for more info!