Maidstone, Kent

Bursting with  vibrancy, texture and colour is Maidstone's newly opened Mexican Restaurant 'MEXIco'. However, this is not your standard Mexican Restaurant... this one is run by US chef Johnny Hernandez.

If you’re thinking of tucking in to some of Johnny Hernandez’s authentic Mexican food, you’re in good company.

The American chef has cooked for the Obamas, in the White House, no less, so he’s got a high level seal of approval.

Now the chef, whose interest in food started at five at his father’s restaurant in a San Antonio Westside neighbourhood with the aroma of freshly made tortillas wafting from the door, is widely regarded as the best Mexican cuisine chef in America.

Johnny said : “We took a very simple approach to how we did the menu but there are some new dishes which are a little more edgy.

“Mexicans love their spices and flavours and textures – that’s what makes Mexican food so delicious. For a first timer, our tacos are very approachable, fresh and not spicy. They are quite safe! And our enchiladas are unique.”

With some amazing reviews and feedback it is definitely worth checking out, see the link above for more on the menus and bookings!

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