Fishy's Land Yachts

Greatstone, Kent

Take control of the machine to offer the greatest fun you can have on three wheels. Known as a kite buggy, sand yacht or land yacht, whichever name you use for this single sail vehicle is likely to see you do so with a big grin, as you ride up and down the flat beach in Greatstone, Romney Sands.


The beach is a perfect base for this unusual sport, suitable for all ages, and beginners as well as advanced thrill seekers. Begin with a welcome and safety briefing from Andy, covering the basic techniques necessary to manage the vehicle.


In no time and with just a little help of a highly qualified and passionate instructor, manoeuvre the land yacht and get moving. Show what you've got over the course of two breathtaking hours on the beach. Here you go!

This is a weather dependent activity and therefore it's vital to call the venue on the day, to confirm conditions and go ahead. If postponed, an alternative date will be arranged.

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