Curling Fentons Rink 

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Open October 2017

England's only dedicated Curling Rink!

Come and try your hand at this exciting sport - it’s both fun and challenging!! Beginners quickly get going on the ice and have a great time - right from the start. Many people are new to the sport so don’t worry if you have yet to try curling - you will be in good company! 

A curling party is ideal for your next staff outing, team building event, birthday party - or just a good time out with your friends. 

Curling started in Scotland and originally was played outdoors. Over the years the game has been refined and is now played mainly on indoor ice rinks. Curling is played in more than 40 countries worldwide. It is most prolific in Scotland, Canada, the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Germany, USA, China, Japan, Holland, Italy and France.

Modern curling is often described as "chess on ice"; it is a game of SKILL, PRECISION, FITNESS AND.....FUN!

It’s a game played on ice (without skates) between teams of four. It’s sometimes called “bowls on ice” - but there’s a lot more to it than that...

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