Alice and the Hatter 

Herne Bay, Kent

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast," said the Queen of Hearts to Alice in Lewis Carol's classic children's book Alice in Wonderland.

And at Herne Bay's newly opened Alice and the Hatter, the wonderland themed afternoon tea room brings the "impossible" to life with its chequered floors, throne chairs, teacup stools, grassy nooks and appearances from the Mad Hatter and Alice herself. 

Every detail - even down to the door handles - has been meticulously designed by husband and wife team Nathan, 45, and Kate Rivers, 40, to make visitors feel like they have stepped into the popular Disney animation.


Centre-stage at the William Street tearoom is a large communal table, known as the Queen of Hearts table, bringing together large groups visiting for special occasions. The grand showpiece is surrounded by teacup stools, headed up with an ornate throne chair and is adorned with beautiful trinkets and delicate china tea sets.


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